Air conditioners and misunderstandings that many people suffer

The use of air conditioning efficiency, saving electricity but still ensure the health of the whole family, especially children, are more concerned.

However, not everyone can use air conditioning properly. Here are common misconceptions about this device.

Harmony makes children vulnerable to illness

Many fear that it is easy for children to stay in open air continuously, so it is easy for them to catch colds, asthma or weakened immune system. However, according to doctors, Properly, it is better for children to face hot sun, because children have not been able to adjust the body temperature, easy to lose water, heat loss.

Dieu hoa and many people have seen him
Using proper air conditioning, babies will be more comfortable than in hot weather.

However, if your home has small children, you should not let your child lie near the cold wind blowing out from the air conditioning. At the same time, children need to wear long-sleeved clothing to avoid cold air penetration. If you want to take your child out of the air-conditioned room, switch off the appliance a few minutes before the child gets used to the outside temperature.

Close the door so that it does not lose its cold

Many families often turn on their air conditioners in closed rooms for a long time. However, the advice from the experts is to open the door about 30 minutes a day to change the air, avoiding the air to suffocate harm to health.

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Always open windows, doors to have fresh air in the room.

In order to reduce the air pollution, you should use the enclosed electric fan or give priority to air conditioner products which have the function of filtering the air and cooling it to ensure the health and air environment in the room.

Turning off continuous air conditioner saves electricity

Turning off all electrical equipment out of the room is a great power saver for many people. However, for air conditioning, turning off – on often cause more power than usual because the machine must start several times. In addition, this is not good for the health of the elderly and children when the temperature fluctuates in a short time.

Only maintenance, cleaning machine when trouble

Many people think that new air conditioners do not require maintenance or cleaning. However, if not clean regularly, air conditioning is easy to cling to dirt, affecting the air in the room and cause disease. Not only that, air conditioning is not maintained in time will reduce the ability to cool, there is no damage.