Causes and treatments for eczema in newborns

Diphtheria is a localized disease, or recurrent, which causes itching and scratching to cause scratches. Mothers should recognize the disease early to treat, avoid the damage not worth the skin.

Below is information on eczema parents should note.

Expressions and causes

Diphtheria or dermatomyositis in newborns is a common skin disease in children. This is a chronic or recurrent disease. General manifestations of the disease include three basic symptoms are dry skin, redness and itching.

Red rash, dry skin often appears on the face and folds like elbows, elbows … In more severe cases, children can be all over. On the skin of red skin can appear small blisters, yellow fluids.

The level of itching varies from baby to child, itching is high, itching little baby. Itchy scratching scratches and skin damage, which causes more severe skin inflammation, leading to more itchy pruritus, forming itch pruritus.

Nature and the way he treats you are different than him
Damaged skin barrier causes eczema.

Some children suffer from eczema hard milk. “My baby has eczema from 3 weeks. I have to go to the doctor, many times in many places but not. There are times when both mother and son hold each other crying. The skin itching yellow water, scratching bleeding should cry all over the face, stirring all night, “a mother with eczema milk sharing.

About 90% of children age 5-7 will cure themselves, only a few will develop the disease until adulthood.

The most common cause of eczema in newborns is the damaged skin barrier. The skin barrier is the outer layer of the skin, which has two important functions: the shield protects the body from outside environmental factors and prevents water from evaporating outward, helping to keep the skin moist. When the skin barrier is damaged, external agents easily penetrate the skin causing dermatitis, skin irritation. Water in the skin escapes excessively to dry the skin. As a result, symptoms such as dry skin, itching, redness.

Treatment and care

The first and important principle in treating eczema in newborns is to restore skin barrier. In severe cases, acute dermatitis symptoms, dermatologists may prescribe steroid medication to reduce dermatitis and to reduce the itching of histamine. As there are many side effects, these medications are only available for a short time and under the guidance of a doctor.

Nature and form of treatment is more important than appearance 2
When the child reaches the age, eczema diarrhea completely self.

Because eczema milk is a disease of the field, can not be completely cured, when the child’s age, the disease itself. So, parents can use a moisturizer to restore the skin barrier, applied several times a day. Parents should wear thick layers during the outbreak, when the disease has regressed, still maintain 1-2 times daily to help her skin healthy, prevent recurrence. The advantage of moisturizing skin barrier creams is safe and lasting for infants.

Atopalm is a popular Korean skin fusion cream that came out 20 years ago when the founder’s baby, Park, was eczema-prone to dryness, cracking and pain. As a research scientist, Dr. Park is dedicated to creating a safe, gentle formula that helps reduce allergies and heal illness.

Wishing to share the formula with more people, he spent another five years researching to develop Atopalm as a skin barrier moisturizer for neonatal eczema.

Nature and the way he treats his body 3
Atopalm is a safe, mild formula.

In addition to applying a daily moisturizer to the skin barrier and using caution in the direction of the doctor, the mother should also take care of the baby properly. When bathing the baby, the mother should not be soaked in the bath, so take a bath with warm water, avoid the foam bath foam, do not let the foam shampoo contact with the skin disease.

In addition, parents should note not to bathe with the leaves, use the humidifier in the room if the surroundings are too dry, keep the room cool in hot weather. Children should wear soft, natural materials such as cotton, avoid the rough fibers such as wool, short cut nails, soft cloth gloves for children to avoid scratching the skin. Both mother and baby need to monitor food allergies, if the symptoms of eczema baby milk weighs up after eating any food should be avoided.