Top 3 children’s math books help develop logical thinking

Exposure to Mathematics helps children develop intelligence quickly, concentrates, establishes reasoning thinking, resolves logic problems, and creates a good premise for the future.

Here are suggestions for 3 children’s math books to help develop thinking.

“Pomath – Math thinking for children”

“Pomath” is an acronym for “Improving Mathematical thinking with Personal Oriented program for children” – a program for developing thinking through teaching personal oriented math for children. That was the result of research and incubation since 2002 by Dr. Chu Cam Tho and colleagues of the Department of Information Mathematics, Hanoi University of Education. No longer the arduous “battle” between parents and babies, the book helps her to focus and be more interested in Mathematics.

Top 3 sach Toan tre you help me develop logical logic 1
Pomath book set – Children’s thinking math consists of 6 books for 4-6 year olds.

According to Dr. Chu Cam Tho, the lessons of Pomath underwent many situations. First, children start their brain with mathematical model games, then approach knowledge, practice and develop it. Not only do children get excited, each lesson also helps them find their own learning methods, practice self-learning, and develop language about positive emotions and hardships, eager to learn to improve. my ability.

“For more than 6 years of research, we are proud that 7 Pomath Math Centers teach more than 10,000 students, thanks to Pomath for fearless, on the contrary, because they learn their way. Now, through the book ‘Pomath – Maths for Children’, we hope Vietnamese children will learn mathematics in the way they love, ”added Dr. Tho.

“Vietmath – Together with your child to think Maths”

For a long time, Math has been considered a physical education for the brain. Like many other parts of the body, the more the brain is used and practiced, the healthier it will be, especially if it is practiced right from the start. This is an opportunity for children to develop their brain in a sensitive and comprehensive way. In order to discover Math with their children, parents can choose “Vietmath – Together with their good children in Mathematics” by Do Thi Xuyen, for children 3-7 years old.

Top 3 sach Toan tre em help you develop logic and logic 2
The book “Vietmath – Together with your child is good at thinking of Mathematics”.

The set includes 5 episodes covering the basic topics of mathematics for preschool and early elementary. Topics covered in books such as geometry, numerical thinking, rules, math with words, time thinking, plus arithmetic, comparisons, positions, fractions, measurements, dimensions …

In addition to the lessons, books also build many games to help children remember their knowledge longer and deeper. The set of books with full content, system, from simple to complex, highly practical, many images, suitable for psychology of preschool and primary school age, will help to approach and provoke Your child’s interest in Math is easier.

“Developing mathematical thinking with Big Face Rabbit”

In the pre-primary stage, children need to be exposed to math naturally, age-appropriate. The book “Developing Mathematical Thinking with Big Face Rabbit” will foster children with a passion for Mathematics with many rich games.

The set includes 20 episodes divided into 4 sets for children 2-3 years old, 3-4 years old, 4-5 years old and 5-6 years old. The content of each volume refers to the mathematical concepts such as classification, comparison, comparison, counting, figure, number, time, space … designed based on the level of understanding of children at each age .

Top 3 sach Toan bamboo I help you develop logic and logic 3
The book “Developing Mathematical Thinking with Big Face Rabbit” helps children learn Math with a variety of games.

Parents can play with children and inspire children with learning. This is also considered a set of home study materials for parents who are seeking orientation in the period when they are going to school.