If you are still doing these disastrous things, you should review your child’s teaching right away

No parent is perfect and understands everything about babies, but the 5 bad things parents need to know are to avoid it because it can break the connection between parents and babies.

For any parent , there is the desire to do the best for their children and to strengthen the relationship and relationships among family members. However, there are things that go against that criterion that parents do not know. These involuntary or intentional actions will make the relationship between parents and children cracks, the “cord” connecting the members of the family becomes fragile and vulnerable. As follows:

1. Constantly criticizing, scolding children

If you are still doing these disastrous things, parents should review your child's teaching immediately - Picture 1.

Regular criticism, criticism of children’s actions can make children more self-deprecating and afraid of parents (Artwork).

Every parent wants her children to be better and better, but constantly and consistently pointing out her faults, what she does wrong is likely to have consequences for the relationship between the parent and the child. children. Your child will gradually understand that their parents have been disappointed. Not only that, criticism can also hurt the child’s self-esteem.

It is important to know that correcting behavior and shaping the right child is important, but parents should also look at how to teach their children . Please guide your child how to do the right action to limit the negative impact on the psychology and behavior of the child.

2. Protect your children excessively

The outside world is always full of risks, and parents have the responsibility to help prevent the child. But over-protective, over-protective will only make children more self-deprecating, away from the real world but just living in the shell that parents have created. Children depend, can not stand on their own feet, lose faith in themselves and the world around.

3. Prioritize work over children

If you are still doing these disastrous things, parents should look at how to teach their children right away - Picture 2.

In modern life, many parents are busy with work agency and family affairs that neglect their children (Illustration).

In modern life, many parents are busy with work affairs and family affairs that neglect their children. This negatively affects the relationship between parents and children, making children feel hurt, not parent-centered.

Right now, parents let go of their phones, turn off the TV, and spend time with their children to tighten their feelings, to show the importance and significance of the child in the heart of the parent, which no one is or not. what can be replaced

Do not listen when your child speaks

Children always love to explore, and especially to tell parents what they think and what they experience. If you are too busy and can not listen to your child, ask the parent or ask him to tell you at another time. And when you can really focus on your story, listen to me sincerely and give me useful suggestions. Parents also need to discuss topics that they are interested in or interested in. Thus, new parent and child relationships can be strengthened and strengthened, and children will feel comfortable talking and being ready to communicate with their parents.

5. Get angry at your child

If you are still doing these disastrous things, parents need to review how to teach their children right away - Picture 3.

Young children are also sensitive and will retreat, do not want to be close to parents without proper attention (Artwork).

If you are angry or unhappy with your mood, you will be left with the result that your baby will be away from you, not wanting to get close to your parents again. Such anger leads to actions such as screaming at the child, anger that will only make the situation worse, children will gradually learn to express emotions in the negative direction, can not control themselves like as a parent.

If parents find out that they have not acted or acted inappropriately, immediately apologize to the child and explain to the child the correct behavior and correct the child to relieve stress and understand the emotions of the parent.