Pregnant should eat fruit like?

Postpartum babies need a nutritious diet to restore health and milk to breast milk. However, not all kinds of fruit, food is good for both mother and baby.

According to Dr, Dr. Truong Hong Son, Director of the Vietnam Institute of Applied Medicine, postpartum, breastfeeding requires a special diet for the mother. Because the mother’s diet through the milk source will greatly affect the development of the baby. Breastfeeding mothers should eat fruit for a healthy baby, also one of the issues that many mothers care about. Dr. Son said the benefits of eating after birth include:

Lots of milk and condensed milk: Not every mother has enough milk, enough breastmilk; especially at birth. Some fruits stimulate the milk glands to produce more milk, condensed and more aromatic milk such as green papaya, jujube, banana, citrus, na, longan, milk, etc.

Milk: hot milk makes the baby’s body also hot, prone to rash and boils. Therefore, mothers should eat hot fruits, detoxify like apples, lemons, pulses, cucumbers, strawberries, grapefruit, butter, …

Energy Raising: Mothers who are breastfeeding need a lot of energy to feed their children and take care of their children. They are also stressed during this time so they have to eat the energy-rich fruits to make up for it. The fruits that are high in energy include bananas, mangos, avocados, coconuts, guava, figs, pink sherry, melon …

Prevention: The woman who is breastfeeding if infected is more likely to infect her baby and also affects her health and her ability to care for the baby. Even with medications, taking medication will greatly affect the breast milk supply. Therefore, breast-feeding mothers should eat fruit rich in vitamin C to enhance immunity. Orange, lemon or pineapple, guava, watermelon, strawberry, grapefruit, papaya, mango, tomato, blueberry, pomegranate … are the fruits to be preferred. To avoid postpartum hemorrhage, mothers should also add some iron-rich fruits such as figs, apricots, jujube, peach, strawberry, raisins, apples.

Beautiful Skin : Women who are breastfeeding are more likely to be overweight and stressed. The body after birth is not slim, the skin is not as young as before, the hair can also fall off more … Vitamins and nutrients from fruits help solve part of this problem.

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 After birth, the lactation period requires a special diet for the mother. Photo: Quynh Trang.

Dr. Son advised that fruit is a good source of vitamin supplements for breastfeeding mothers. However, citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and tangerines can stimulate the baby’s immature digestive system, causing diarrhea, diarrhea or diaper rash, and redness on the skin.

In addition to avoiding these fruits, mothers also should not drink their juices because they contain a certain amount of acid. For the body to get the amount of vitamin C needed, you can replace the fruit with some other fruits such as papaya or mango.

However, citrus family is rich in vitamin C and relatively high calcium content. After birth, the inner lining of the cervix of the pregnant woman appears to be relatively large, bleeding heavily. If you eat a certain amount of citrus, can prevent further bleeding. Tangerines, tangerines also have milk effect.

In addition, pregnant women should avoid unpolluted fruits because they contain parasites, chemicals, plant protection substances such as toxoplasmosis and other toxic chemicals that damage the health of postpartum mothers. and for baby’s weak stomach.