Seeing your child have these signs, parents do not worry because it is a sign that they are introverted

The features that have been certified by the experts help parents lessen their anxiety when their children have one of these signs.

There are children from birth who are very happy, sociable and friendly to everyone, but there are also children who are shy and introverted. Clearly defining a child’s personality can help parents have appropriate teaching methods for children to develop to their full potential.

Here are a few expressions to help you determine if your child is an introvert?

1. Children do not speak early or talk much

Thấy con có những dấu hiệu này cha mẹ đừng lo lắng bởi đấy chính là dấu hiệu trẻ là người hướng nội - Ảnh 1.

Introverts often spend time alone and rarely talk to strangers (Artwork)

Researchers on infant developmental behaviors state that: “Although cognitive development seems to be an important first factor in language development in a 30-month-old child, the trait temperament also has a clear impact, especially related issues that affect positively and extensively . Outward-looking children always try to absorb everything and show it. However, introvert children are more comfortable sitting and thinking carefully before interacting.

2. Avoid group activities

Introverted children tend to prefer to be alone or with only a few people they know well. Rarely do introverts participate in activities with a strange group or away from their families. Experts also point out that introverts often try to avoid social encounters and think only about family reunions and fun.

3. Easy to fatigue after playing and working a lot

Thấy con có những dấu hiệu này cha mẹ đừng lo lắng bởi đấy chính là dấu hiệu trẻ là người hướng nội - Ảnh 2.

Introverts often feel more tired when participating in outside activities with many people (Artwork)

Young introverted quickly tired of participating in social activities. Playing time, or going to school throughout the day can make children spend more energy than parents think. Children may need more time to rest alone after such events.

4. Hate family conflicts

Child psychologists have affirmed that introverts tend to rely on family members’ interaction because they feel more familiar and comfortable. Therefore, children hate conflicting behaviors in the family and always tend to encourage family members to resolve conflicts.

5. Children often worry when trying new things

Christine Fonseca, author of the book “Silent Children: How to Help Your Inward Child Succeed in a Strange World” shared: ” Introverted children may be worried and sad. When children have to overcome new situations, when an introvert is overloaded with requirements from the environment, children will get stuck, changes in habits will lead to stubbornness and that’s how Children can control themselves when life is out of control. “

6. Children are capable of arts

Thấy con có những dấu hiệu này cha mẹ đừng lo lắng bởi đấy chính là dấu hiệu trẻ là người hướng nội - Ảnh 3.

Young introverts tend to develop abilities in arts subjects (Artwork)

Introverted children tend to develop into writers or art activists. Introverts often have different thoughts, analyze the world according to creative trends. If you see your child sitting intently to draw pictures with comic content, or can easily grasp the plot of a story that has just been heard, then the child may be an introvert.

7. Children have more energy after having time alone

Thấy con có những dấu hiệu này cha mẹ đừng lo lắng bởi đấy chính là dấu hiệu trẻ là người hướng nội - Ảnh 4.

Compared to going out to participate in crowded activities, being alone makes children more comfortable and full of energy (Artwork)

Introverts can often store energy for the body when they are alone. When social activities deplete the child’s energy, the time alone can energize the child, changing the mood of the child completely and the child will become more excited.