The air in the car is more than nine times more polluted than the outside

Professor Stephen Holgate, an asthma expert at the University of Southampton, warns that air pollution in cars is nine to 12 times greater than in the outside world.

Most of us are aware of the dangers of dust, exhaust gas … on the road, but less aware of the danger of pollution in the car.

Air in the car can survive thousands of pollutants, such as dirt, animal hair, carbon dioxide (CO2), smoke, interior cleaners, gas (leakage from the septic tank bacteria and fungus accumulate in the upholstery, food spills … In addition, some agents from the outside can also penetrate the ventilation and the door.

It is often hidden in the dust, PM10 (fine dust), PM2.5 (ultra fine dust can penetrate deep into the lungs and blood), TVOC (volatile compounds) … so the “silent killer” The car is very difficult to detect.

The interior space is very close, the corner is also the ideal environment for these agents accumulate with increasingly dense concentration. This is the main cause of cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological diseases. For children, the symptoms become more severe, even causing permanent lung injury.

Never in a car ride more than 9 times in a row
Air pollution in the car is 9-12 times higher than the outside and very dangerous for young children.

To protect the health of yourself and your family from the damaging effects of toxic gases in the vehicle, many car owners have chosen to install additional equipment to improve air quality.

With some new models available today, the air conditioning system on the car incorporates a basic filter. However, this film can only filter a little bit of large size dust and if not properly cleaned will risk becoming the “shelter” ideal for bacteria, mold. Therefore, an air purifier for cars is really a solution that needs to be invested.

Never in the car more than 9 times in the scene 2
An air filter with professional filters for cars is the solution chosen by many car owners.

As a “rookie” launched the market earlier this year, air purifiers for cars from the brand Honeywell – the leading technology corporation has received the attention and positive feedback from customers.

Honeywell air purifiers utilize American advanced technologies, which are used by NASA, equipped with dual HEPA filters and activated carbon to optimize the filter efficiency. The HEPA filter removes more than 99% of ultra fine PM2.5 dust and micro-allergens such as fur, hair, bacteria and pollen. Activated Carbon Filter removes odors, cigarette smoke, volatile substances, odors, moisture from the food, creating a fresh atmosphere, safe for the health of the people in the car.

Never in the car more than 9 times in a row 3
Honeywell’s automotive air purifier uses advanced dual-filter technology, tailored to every vehicle.

Honeywell’s automotive air purifiers also feature smart gadgets such as the DIY filter design (Do It Yourself) that easily removes and replaces filters; Power cable is long enough to put the unit in a variety of positions; LED notification when need to replace filter membrane …

With a sophisticated, modern design that fits all car models, with a filter speed of 12 m³ / h and a low noise level of less than 49 dB, the Honeywell air purifier not only cleans the air car, but also luxury accessories for cars.