The invention supports the treatment of Japanese colitis

People with colitis have many symptoms such as abdominal distention, distention, constipation … This seriously affects the work and life of the patient.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Health, the number of people with chronic colitis in Vietnam has reached 4 million, 4 times higher than the global prevalence rate, more than the total number of people with colitis. the whole of Europe. In the early stages, patients are often subjective. However, if not detected early and treated promptly, gradually the disease will be difficult to cure and dangerous complications.

One of the most dangerous complications of colon cancer is colorectal cancer. According to the Ministry of Health’s 2015 statistics, about 20% of people with colitis will turn to cancer. Cancer risk accumulates over time and may begin to appear when the disease persists for 7 to 10 years. Persons with chronic diseases are at risk: perforation of the colon, severe bleeding, acute dilated colon.

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People with colitis suffer from symptoms of abuse.

Studies have shown that in the human gut wall there is a velvet coat. This is the residence of the bacteria. They will mucus fill the intestinal wall, forming a strong protective layer of the colon.

People with colitis often use special drugs, especially antibiotics, which will severely reduce bifido, causing imbalance of intestinal microflora. Consequently, they frequently suffer from digestive disorders. At the same time, when there are no double shields protecting the colon, ulcers are newly healed so it is easy to recur.

At this time, people with colitis need extra intestinal flora, especially bifidobacterium (bifido) – the main bacterium that makes up more than 90% of the total amount of intestinal flora that colonizes the colon. This is important for the digestive system and healthy immune system.

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Bifidobacteria help patients reduce recurrences.

Bifidobacteria reside in the villi with other beneficial bacteria, which are responsible for the secretion of 3,000 enzymes that break down the unabsorbed food in the small intestine, eliminating the residues, rapidly improving the millions. such as abdominal pain, bowel dysfunction, abdominal distention, pneumonia.

Bifido secreting mucus on the entire colon mucus, forming a double shield protect the colon to help patients do not recur. In addition, bifido also produces vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and folic acid, which helps in energy production, reduces stress, reduces abdominal pain.

However, the bifido advantage is very sensitive to stomach acid and is almost completely destroyed when passing through. Therefore, it is very difficult for patients to supplement the bifido benefit to reproduce the double shield protecting the colon.

Japanese scientists have invented a technology that binds bacteria, helping to bring living bifido to the small intestine and colon. Thus, the addition of bifido benefit from the use of high-tech micro-organism of Japan will help regenerate the velvet coat and mucus layer, helping the colon to be protected, reduce the symptoms uncomfortable.