Discover the nutritional value of beef

Beef is usually called premium because it is expensive in the market. However, this food is used a lot because it is both nutritious and easy to process. The nutritional content of beef is varied, with many essential nutrients: protein , iron , potassium , amino acids, vitamins, … .There  are great benefits from the proven beef nutritional component. as well as scientifically.


High protein content

Beef contains many proteins that provide protein and essential amino acids. It is estimated that 100g of beef can produce 20-27g of protein. Protein acts to metabolize and synthesize food, providing energy to the body. Therefore, we should eat beef after high activity to help the body recover quickly.

High iron content

Hemoglobin is an important component in the blood. This substance is synthesized in the blood by iron. If the body is iron deficient, the amount of hemoglobin decreases. Normally red meat has a lot of iron, in which beef is a typical example. Research has been conducted and concluded that eating beef is a good source of blood , which helps prevent anemia .

Rich in amino acids

The nutrient content of beef must be mentioned in this nutrient. Because of the amino acid content in beef more than other foods. When the body is supplemented with amino acids, it also means adding energy to the muscles. Thanks to that increase the muscles , increase the endurance of the body. This is why beef is definitely an indispensable food for athletes. Eating beef will make the training process last longer.


Many minerals: potassium, magnesium, zinc

When it comes to protein, we often mention followed by potassium. Potassium is an indispensable mineral in the diet . Low potassium inhibits protein synthesis. If we eat beef, we will supplement the potassium necessary to produce growth hormone for the body.

In addition, zinc is a substance found in beef that promotes the production of new proteins, accelerating the development of muscle. High levels of magnesium in the beef diet also have the same effect. However, magnesium is more important than contributing to the renewal of insulin in the body.

Vitamin B6 is plentiful

Vitamin B6 – a valuable vitamin in beef. According to nutrition experts, eating beef helps the body to improve health, preventing illness is due to vitamin B6. It promotes the formation of new proteins, increasing the endurance of the body.

Hope the above share helps you understand some of the nutritional value of beef. However, do not eat too much meat. On average, one week should not exceed 100g of beef. We should only use moderate and moderate levels to avoid many unworthy diseases.