Why your mother’s role is so important to your baby, the answer will surprise you

People often say “Grandchild grandmother sins.” In fact, grandma is a very important person in a child’s life for a variety of reasons, not just the emotional aspect.

Grandmother plays a very special role as we grow up, childhood memories of her grandmother filled with joy, feeling safe and comfortable. Few of us think of the difference in how grandma and grandma affect me. However, according to scientists, there are some things more special than the love we receive from grandma.

Psychologically, emotionally

From an emotional point of view, in most cases, grandma is more involved in pregnancy, childbirth and raising their grandchildren. 

Grandmother have ties closer to their grandchildren because they are born to mothers, birth mothers and children. In many families, grandma tends to be more responsible and spend more time with grandchildren. Grandchildren are more likely to help their baby after giving birth, so there is early attachment. Early relationship with grandchildren is likely to be due to childcare as well as participation in school activities once the child starts school.

Another theory is that grandparents always think their daughters are just “baby mothers” and that this greatly influences their grandparents’ care for their grandchildren. In the long term, it can reduce the involvement of a loved one, including grandmother, into caring for grandchildren.

 The role of the grandparents is more exacerbated when parents divorce. Despite advances in gender equality, only about one in six fathers have custody of children after divorce. When mothers gain custody, grandparents join in to fill the gaps in parenting and bring stability to the family. In the process, they tend to become closer to their grandchildren. This can also happen to grandparents when the father is custody, but that is a relatively rare thing.

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Grandfather has a profound influence on his childhood (Illustration)

About DNA, X chromosome

Not only does the psychological relationship make the grandmother’s role very important, but some hypotheses suggest that grandparents and grandmothers have different genes for their grandchildren.

One of the theories that the difference in how grandparents and grandchildren are connected to their grandchildren can be explained by the X chromosome connection. Grandma has 25% of the X chromosome involved in both. nephew and niece, while grandmother transfers one of their X chromosomes to her niece, not her nephew. This caused grandmother to pass 50% of the X chromosome to the granddaughter and 0% of the X chromosome to her nephew.

Other theories show the unique role of the grandmother

According to Alejandro Jodorowsky’s theory, a Chilean novelist: No matter if he has a close relationship with his grandmother, he is still attached to his grandmother through genes.

Accordingly, our genes can “ignore” a generation and are passed directly from grandparents to grandchildren. This can be demonstrated by the fact that some people are more like grandparents than their parents. Jodorowsky believes that in addition to biological material, mothers pass on emotions to their daughters – those who continue to pass on to the next.

There may be no physical similarity, but there are some signs at the genetic level. Sometimes this inheritance is easily seen, such as a mole, eye or gait. There are also internal signs, such as in bone structure, muscle, or certain genetic diseases.

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Grandchildren are still attached to her grandmother thanks to the genome (Illustration).

In addition, the influence of his grandmother to the child is explained through blood. Science explains that: When the fetus forms in the womb, it receives many biological factors from the mother. Although both parents contribute 50% of embryonic genetic elements to fetal development, the fetus must receive nourishment from the mother. That means that even if the father’s involvement has ended, the mother continues. If, according to DNA, the grandmother was involved in the formation of her grandchildren in some way, the traits could be transferred to the child. The oocytes that babies carry from their grandmothers. All children with the same mother will certainly have the same genetic elements.

According to the essayist Jodorowsky, the feelings that women feel when they are pregnant are passed on to the mother and perhaps to any later grandchildren. Emotional effects can still work in DNA, even if it ignores a generation.

The sperm of the father does not contain this information, so grandparents do not play many important roles. However, some genetic studies show that father’s DNA is far superior to that of hereditary characteristics.

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Extraordinary parents actively involved in caring for the mother (Illustration)

Other researchers’ theories also share the special role of the grandmother in the life of a child. However, each person is different and we have families with different relationships. So, let us be grateful and appreciate the love, care and care of both grandparents and grandparents for themselves, regardless of their genetic relevance.