4 mother mistakes absolutely must not be made when feeding your eggs

Each young age should eat eggs with different doses and processing methods.

Eggs are nutritious foods, good for the physical and intellectual development of children. However, if you give your child the wrong time and the right way, she may accidentally harm her.

Here are some mistakes when giving your baby eggs that your mother used to make:

1. Children under 1 year old

Although very nutritious, good for health, she should not feed her many eggs, especially egg white, when she is less than 1 year old. The reason is that the immune system’s response to chickens’ proteins increases the risk of allergies in children.

Even for some very sensitive babies, the baby’s skin quickly gets allergy, hives, itching or abdominal pain …

So when children under 1 year of age eat eggs, they should try feeding them in small amounts first to see if they have allergies.

4 wrong when I do not have to give it to my child - 1

Eating too many eggs increases the burden on your child’s digestive system. (Illustration)

2. Children are sick, fever

Nutrition experts recommend that when a child is having a fever or flu, the mother should not give eggs. Because of the high protein content of the eggs, the child’s body temperature will increase.

In addition, the fact that mothers give their babies eggs when they are sick increases the burden on the digestive system, they are easily prone to flatulence, dyspepsia … due to reduced gastrointestinal function.

4 wrong when I do not leave it when I give my child a safe - 2

If you give your child the wrong time and the right way, she may accidentally harm her. (Artwork)

3. Eat raw, unripe eggs

Eating raw eggs is very susceptible to E.coli infection which causes severe diarrhea. For young children, the weakened digestive system is more likely to be bleeding, abdominal pain or life-threatening complications such as kidney failure.


Besides, children should not eat eggs and “peach hearts”, not fully cooked. It is still best for children to eat cooked boiled eggs or omelets, egg porridge.

4. Eat too many eggs

It is a nutritious food, rich in protein, healthy fat, vitamins, minerals … and many other nutrients, but the mother should limit feeding her eggs. Too much consumption is easy to cause obesity in young children, in addition to causing early puberty.

According to MSc. Dr. Le Thi Hai said in Health and Life newspaper:

– Children 6-12 months : only eat 1/2 egg yolk / meal, eat 2-3 times / week, should eat egg powder. How to cook egg powder: cook flour, give eggs, beat egg yolk into a bowl that has chopped vegetables, beat the eggs and vegetables, boil the boiling powder on the kitchen to pour eggs and vegetables to stir quickly, boiling powder is Yes, don’t heat it too well.

– Children 8-12 months old: eat 1 yolk / meal, eat 3-4 meals in 1 week

– Children 1-2 years: should eat 3-4 eggs / week. eat whole white, can eat egg porridge, is similar to cooking egg powder, when new porridge for eggs, boil again is okay, in addition to children can eat boiled eggs just cooked.

– Children 2 years of age and older: if they like eggs that can be fed 1 fruit / day, they can eat egg porridge, boiled eggs, fried eggs molded with meat, eggs with tomato sauce to eat with rice.