6 signs that children have superior qualities, become future leaders

According to expert Anh Nguyen, if children do not appear these 6 factors does not mean never have but need to be fostered by parents and positively interact.

In the recent report of TS. Linda Silverman, Director of Denver Genius Research Center, Canada at the Annual Science Conference organized by the Special Development Research Institute (ISAD), mentioned 6 early signs of children before the age of 6 years. may be related to leadership, cleverness and superior intelligence.

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Smart children often have special expressions very early. (Illustration)

Children who fall into four of these six signs can have leadership, intelligence and superior intelligence. However, parents should know how to nurture these qualities to really make it work.

Children who do not have these 6 qualities do not mean they never have. Dr. Linda also emphasized in her report: ” This quality can still be nurtured and the role of parents such as creating positive interaction time, creating opportunities for children to develop, communicate and talk. Young. It can still develop after 6 years of age, but please help your child before the age of 18 because after this period the child has to work alone and it will be more difficult .

Educator, researcher, author Judy Galbraith, who received the Ruth A. Martinson Award from Canada for her outstanding quality research, said: ” Don’t always say you’re a genius. Rather than use words, help your child develop those qualities and encourage them to do well.Children have what qualities they should find to develop their exercises, for example, children have a number 1 quality, please Ask questions and answer your child’s questions, find ways to answer briefly, but give your child enough information “.

Verdict “ Every child with special qualities who will be good at school, always score 10, always leading the class” is not true. Children with special qualities only show that they will promote these outstanding qualities when they are older and successful if they are raised and understood correctly by their parents. If parents always impose and think that the child must always get a score of 10, it will create a negative pressure on the child, the child will not be free to develop his or her special qualities.

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Here are 6 signs that TS. Linda Silverman mentions:

1. Always ask the answer

He likes to ask the opposite rather than answering your question because he already knows the answer.

2. Despite playing, children still pay attention to your questions

This quality shows that the focus of the child is very good, the child can receive the correct source of information and can react to that source of information easily.

3. Very fond of books, like listening to mom reading books

Not all of these signs are on a special list, simply because brain research shows that children with good critical thinking often enjoy reading. Children are interested in reading their mother’s books during pregnancy, and are interested in the image of the book page from the 7th month.

4. Children like to do more than expected

This factor shows that children tend to complete work earlier and better than expected. For example, when coloring, your child will pay attention to coloring all the small details, sometimes adults will skip. Children also show the freedom to choose color according to their will.

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Smart kids are always looking for fun from the world around them. (Illustration)

5. Always find interesting things around the house to create excitement for yourself.

In the eyes of the “leading preschools” everything around is useful, children often do not sit still and always look for this, the other to discover and innovate.

6. Actively share toys with your mother or friends

The child soon realizes sharing and waiting for his turn. Children can actively pay for toys or share toys with friends if they are reminded or know by their mothers. Children with this quality will be a leader who knows how to manage human resources well, use the power of the collective, instead of personal ability.