Jackfruit porridge helps milk after birth

In addition, this dish also adds blood, very good for pregnant women!

Hello moms,

Read some items of Mother’s Experience, Tips or Pregnancy , Nutrition for pregnant women … on Eva found many useful experiences too! I also apply a lot of tips by my mom and I find it very effective, especially the ways to lose weight and beauty after birth, all the necessary things that my sisters care about.

But there is one problem that I see is also very important, that is, how to get enough breast milk. The mother who has ever met this case knows that the lack of milk for her is very worrying. As you are an example. I eat well from pregnancy to my baby, but I don’t understand why so little milk. After finishing the milk, it showed a little bit of dripping, and a few days later, it was still very few. Tin’s house is sucked and she doesn’t absorb it so she and her husband are extremely worried. Whoever has a mother to eat and how much she always lacks milk, suffering is more likely that she refuses to suck in the fake, so she cannot breastfeed her baby.

Before the couple’s birth, they often talk to each other about taking care of their children, both agree that the first 6 months will be fully breastfed, even if their parents insist on the 4th month, they should be fed weaning . But no one doubts that she lacks this milk. In the past, I thought my mother could eat and drink, she would have a lot of milk, and she doubted how much to eat with other nutritious food, but the situation did not improve much. Sometimes, when the baby is eating well, he suddenly cries and cries because all the milk makes me feel like I have a bowel, maybe I don’t even bother him, so my mother cries. So the husband has to hold the baby and practice feeding the bottle.

My grandmother Believed in the South, could not come, so she only called me. Once my husband complained to her, why did she believe that she had a little milk, not enough for breastfeeding. She hurriedly asked her husband if she had cooked this dish, whether it was for the wife to eat. What my husband said, did not improve. It was not until the night that her grandmother telephoned again. The husband worried about catching the phone, thinking about something, it turned out that she said the night could not sleep, thinking about it and remembering a dish of milk and milk porridge the previous day taught. My husband heaved a sigh, hastily rushed to take the paper to record how to cook … jackfruit seed porridge!

Do not know when a mother had ever eaten boiled or roasted jackfruit seeds? I like this dish very much, jackfruit nuts are fragrant, fragrant, but the benefits of milk are the first time I can hear. The next day, my husband went out to sell jackfruit and asked to buy … seeds. The saleswoman looked surprised, but after a while her husband scratched her head and displayed her ears, she always covered it! Coming back to the butchers, he stopped by to buy lean meat and carefully weighed thanks to exactly 2 slices of jackfruit, left it alone, then brought it to cook for his wife. Just as a husband and recounted the process of searching for ingredients that made me laugh and love my husband! My husband was clumsy, he never used to come to the kitchen before, but since his wife was born again, she worked hard to cook, though she still looked sluggishly and looked guilty.

I don’t know if it was because of the enthusiasm of Tin’s father, or because the jackfruit porridge was the last hope that Mother Tin had found more milk. When he heard me announce that my husband was suspicious, but after seeing that the baby had not finished, he believed and was happy. He immediately took the phone and called her grandmother Tin messy.

Jackfruit porridge helps baby Tin to be fully breastfed. (Illustration)

Baby time The beloved news of my husband and I are always full, stealing and playing very well. Each time my father joked with a laugh, he looked at him with love! I often joke later when I grow up, I will pass on the secret of cooking my father’s porridge, so if I miss my wife with a little milk, I will know how. Look at how healthy you are, like how much worry you have, thank you for your grandmother for just a great experience. And I have to thank my father, too, because every day, I have to cook porridge for the mother and daughter.

How to cook jackfruit seeds quite simple as follows:


– Approximately 150g to 200g jackfruit seeds

– 1 lump of lean meat

– A little bit of rice

– Spice


– Peel the jackfruit seeds, put them in the stew with rice.

– Lean minced meat with a little spice, wait for the porridge, then let it cook.

– When the porridge is cooked, add seasoning to taste and eat slowly during the day.

This dish of porridge has just added blood to the milk, so the mother who is born and lacking of milk will try to eat it! I found it very effective. My mother-in-law also said that using jackfruit or jackfruit is also very good for women who lack milk, moms. How to do the following: Use fresh jackfruit leaves (30-40g / day) to cook drinking water, help produce milk or increase milk production. Or you can take the prickly jackfruit jack, slice it, stir-fry it with lean pork, season it with spices, and eat it with rice. Do so within 3-5 days of a course. This remedy has effects on spleen, peace, increase and release of milk, suitable for weak women, poor eating, low milk.

Because I am in the city, I cannot find leaves or jackfruit, but eating jackfruit porridge is very effective. Any mother has conditions, try the 2nd way!

Wish you moms and babies stay healthy!