What kind of milk for a pregnant mother?

Drinking milk is necessary and good for the health of pregnant women as well as the development of the baby. However, not everyone has the right understanding of the types of milk during pregnancy as well as the nutritional composition of each type.

Drinking milk is necessary and good for the health of pregnant women as well as their development. However, not all mothers have the right understanding of the types of milk as well as the nutritional composition of each type.
Before becoming pregnant, the mother can eat freely, eat whatever she likes, but when she is pregnant – that means you have to be responsible for the life, physical and intellectual development of another person.

So mothers need to study diets and sometimes need to ask, does the food / drink cause any allergic reaction?

1. When should pregnant women drink milk?

According to health experts, at the end of the 5th or 8th week of pregnancy is the best time for pregnant mothers to start drinking milk, even mothers can drink from the planning of pregnancy to prepare the muscle. The best, full of nutrients for pregnancy.

In the early months of pregnancy, because many pregnant mothers suffer from morning sickness, it is more difficult to drink milk. You can consult your doctor about ways to reduce morning sickness, as well as advise on the most appropriate diet during pregnancy.

2. Types of milk for pregnant women

Low-fat milk / skim milk: This is one of the best options to help mom and baby be healthy. It also contains essential nutrients that help your baby’s growth and bone structure.

A cup of low-fat milk provides 302mg of calcium, which helps protect children from calcium deficiency after birth. Many studies have shown that 2-3 glasses of low-fat milk are ideal during pregnancy. This is a top choice for mothers who are a bit overweight / overweight.

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Pregnancy nutrition directly affects fetal health (Artwork)

Whole milk or whole milk: Whole milk contains fat and nutrients. A cup of whole milk provides 146 calories while skim milk has only 83 calories.

UHT Milk : Whether you choose skim milk or whole milk, you need to choose pasteurized milk. Fresh milk often contains bacteria, which can be dangerous for you and your baby. Heating milk can control bacterial growth.

Milk comes from a variety of sources, including animals and plants. From cow’s milk to goat’s milk, rice milk and almond milk, each has different nutritional values ​​and flavors, which you need to know before trying.

3. Compare milk types

Cow’s milk: This is a popular milk, widely used and available in the market. With this milk, pregnant mothers can choose: whole milk, nonfat milk, skim milk …

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Cow milk is a popular milk (Artwork)

Cow’s milk is also rich in amino acids that help build cells in the mother’s body and baby’s body. Also contains Vitamin D, which helps to avoid maternal diabetes and aids in fetal development; Vitamin E, antioxidant; Vitamin A, good for sight, building healthy tissue and enhancing immunity. A glass of cow’s milk provides 275-300mg of calcium

Goat milk : Not popular, but very nutritious. It has a characteristic flavor. Compared to cow’s milk, goat’s milk has a slightly higher protein and vitamin B2 content. Fat – MCTs in goat milk help reduce cholesterol and promote metabolism. At the same time, it also supports digestion.

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Goat milk – Not popular, but very nutritious (Artwork)

High levels of Vitamin A in goat milk are absorbed directly into the body, along with Vitamin B2 producing antibodies, helping mothers and their babies have a better immune system. A cup of goat milk gives 330mg of calcium.

Soymilk: Soymilk is a good choice for many mothers. Protein content in soy milk is comparable to that of cow’s milk. It has no cholesterol and provides a good amount of calcium for the fetus and the mother.

In addition, high levels of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats help prevent cardiovascular diseases and antioxidants that help fight cancer. A glass of soy milk provides up to 300mg of calcium.

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Soy milk is a good choice for many pregnant mothers (Artwork)

Almond milk: Almond milk is the best choice for people who are intolerant of gluten or allergic to soy protein. It does not contain cholesterol and saturated fat, is rich in fiber, folic acid, B and E vitamins, protein, calcium and iron, low in calories and contains antioxidants that boost the immune system. A cup of almond milk is believed to provide 200mg of calcium.

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Almond milk is a good choice for people who don’t tolerate gluten (Artwork).

Oat Milk: High fiber content in oat milk helps prevent constipation in pregnancy. It controls cravings, monitors blood sugar, and helps transport oxygen to cells. Oat milk is also rich in vitamin A and B vitamins, and minerals such as potassium, manganese and phosphorus. The protein content of oat milk is higher than that of rice but less than cow’s milk.

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Oat milk is also rich in vitamin A and group B vitamins (Artwork).

4. Safe way to consume milk during pregnancy

When over-consumed or not properly formulated, milk may cause some discomfort to the mother’s body. Here are some safe ways to consume milk:

– With powdered milk: dilute milk with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use warm water just enough, about 40 degrees Celsius to make milk.

– Drink from a small sip of warm milk, do not drink quickly, swallow quickly

– Avoid drinking milk after meals

– You can drink about 3 glasses of milk a day.

Things to keep in mind when drinking milk

Although milk is beneficial for mother and baby health, there are some things that her mother needs especially to remember:

– Milk foods such as yogurt can make snacks at the beginning of the afternoon for mothers to vote.

– Can combine milk with cereals such as oats, corn or corn, barley … for breakfast.

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At dinner, you can drink a cup of skim milk (Artwork)

5. Drinking milk during pregnancy: Frequently asked questions

How much milk should pregnant mothers drink?

Milk is rich in calcium, vitamin D, protein and minerals. So, if you feel unwell because of morning sickness, or if you don’t get enough nutrients because you’re picky, you can balance your nutrition by drinking more milk. Maintaining 400-500ml of milk / day is reasonable.

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Formula milk is also the choice of many pregnant women (Artwork).

In addition, you can choose a formula for pregnant or pasteurized milk. Depending on the condition and taste of your pregnant mother, you can choose the type of milk that suits you.

Special note, do not drink fresh milk directly squeezed, because this milk has not been sterilized, easily infected with harmful bacteria, leading to the risk of miscarriage or stillbirth in the womb.

How to make pregnant mother less afraid to drink milk?

Not all pregnant mothers smell the sweet aroma of milk. Feeling of milk is a common nausea or drink that is very common in pregnant women.

To limit this situation, try different ways such as dividing into small pieces during the day or choosing milk with flavors such as vanilla, orange, chocolate … that will make the milk taste lighter and easier to drink.

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Many mothers are afraid to drink milk (Artwork)

The pregnant mother cannot absorb milk, what should I do?

There is a small percentage of pregnant mothers who fall into the situation of not absorbing milk, or keep drinking milk as allergies. Milk has entered the “black list” so your need is to stop drinking milk and choose to supplement the same nutrients with milk through other foods.

What happens if the pregnant mother drinks too much milk?

Something not too good. Drinking too much milk during pregnancy can make you indigestion and bloating, drink too much milk powder, especially if improperly mixed, can cause diarrhea, affecting the health of your mother and me. baby in the belly.