Being pregnant for 9 months, pregnant mother only ate 5 meals, the rest breathed … to feed her pregnancy

The mother said that during her pregnancy, she did not eat or drink anything, but the baby was still growing normally and was born healthy.

When pregnant , every mother tries to supplement the nutrients to keep her healthy. But an American mother revealed during pregnancy that she almost didn’t eat or drink.

It is Camila Castello (35 years old), mother of a 5-year-old baby and 2-year-old baby. Camila and her husband, Akahi Ricardo, 37, are known to follow the philosophy of life thanks to “breathing air” without eating (Breatharian). Breatharian philosophers believe they can live only with energy from the universe without nutrient from food. For them, food and water are not necessary.

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The Camila couple claimed that they lived without eating since 2008.

They argue that people can easily live without food, as long as they are connected to the energy that exists in all things and through breathing. ” For three years, Akahi and I did not eat anything and now, we only eat occasionally, when attending a social event or simply I want to taste a fruit,” Camila said.

She said that from 2008 until now, the couple only ate three times a week and each time a piece of fruit or vegetable juice. The mother of two children even applies this eating habit when pregnant. At her first pregnancy, she almost did not eat anything for 9 months.

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Camila said that during the nine months of her first baby, she only ate five times.

“I don’t feel the need or want to eat solid food during 9 months of pregnancy. Therefore, I only eat 5 times and all 5 times it is in social events. I know boys are nurtured by love. That helps me to grow healthy in my belly , Camila said.

Camila said the test results during her pregnancy months were perfect. Finally, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Camila and his wife affirmed that “lifestyle without eating” helps improve health, while saving money. Instead of spending money on shopping every week, they use money to travel. Although Camila and her husband are Breatharians, they admit not to impose eating principles on their small families. Both allow children to eat whatever they want.

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Camila still breastfeeds and does not force her children to follow her parents’ lifestyle.

In fact, the living movement without food is still controversial and is not recognized by scientists and medical experts. They think that in fact these people still eat but eat less and are fooling themselves that they only breathe and live.